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Innovative Community Participation

Designed to support NDIS participants to build skills to actively participate in their community.


Participating in the community improves well-being and be connected to the community, and it will affect different aspects of life including health, education, employment, and satisfaction of life.

At Care & Care, we run innovative participation programs and events which enables participants to access mainstream activities, focusing on resilience, wellbeing, personal growth and be more connected and involved in the local community by making connections, socialising through our supports.

Within this service there are minor services:

+ Confident in self-awareness/self-care
+ Community engagement, social contribution and relationships in maintaining personal wellbeing
+ Gaining awareness of personal interests, skillsets that can be linked to employment pathways
+ Adaptive social competency including increased awareness of social norms and expectations

Working together on a long journey to fulfill the goals.

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