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Daily Tasks and Shared Living

Assistance with daily life task in a group or shared living arrangement.


Sometimes living independently or living in a shared accommodation is challenging. But at Care & Care, we help our participants to develop and attain skills that allow them to live autonomously.

Assisting with developing and enhancing domestic skills and assist with the basic daily tasks like self-care that allow participants to live autonomously and enjoying life to the fullest. This can also be delivered within living in your own or shared living/accomodation such as units or host family arrangement.

Within this service there are minor services:

+ Assistance in shared living arrangements: Supported independent living
+ Short term accommodation and assistance (including the provision of respite care)
+ Standard support items
+ Medium Term accommodation (MTA)
+ Residential aged care
+ Other living arrangements
+ Support Model (Individualised living option)

Working together on a long journey to fulfill the goals.

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